One year in the queue waiting for the service 5040
Some online shopping sites, unlike customer-friendly photos on their site, do not offer quality products and do not comply with their promise of after-sales service

According to a hot news report from the Civic Group of Young Journalists, Internet shopping is at the top of the most popular postal service. This signifies an increasing number of purchases from online stores.
There are some disadvantages in traditional purchases such as:
۱٫ The crowding of stores, especially during the holiday season, the likelihood of the goods in stock being exhausted, the presence of unskilled and inexpedient vendors, requires a relatively long time to make a purchase

۲٫ The need for physical movement and movement to find the desired product

۳٫ The difficulty of comparing purchase and product conditions due to the time and place dimension

It has led customers to seek alternatives, and it seems that shopping over the Internet can partly overcome this barrier.

With the rise of the Internet shopping culture and increased use of this service, the problems of such transactions are also increasing. Some people, when faced with a problem with online shopping, prefer not to use this method to get their desired product.
Now, with just one click, buyers can compare their competitors and their products and receive their responses in a fraction of a second. No need to drive until the store and park, waiting in the bus line and do not talk with dealers.
Problems 5040
But online shopping also has its own problems, sometimes failing to observe a series of hints by the buyer, such as neglecting the security issues, lack of awareness of their rights and the standards of a secure store for them.

Sometimes their Internet companies either do not fulfill their obligations or even use stylish, attractive and customer-friendly photos that are sometimes used by the original and quality products, while the products offered to the customer are of real quality. So they are faced with a lot of unhappy customers. This is not the case among Iranian online shopping sites that even have permission.

Through some of our 5040 customers, the site is not bound to comply with its obligations, such as product referrals, if the customer does not like it. One of those customers who was dissatisfied with the product of Tupek washing machine stated that this product not only does not clean the clothes He also suffered serious damage to the washing machine, and the site 5040 did not take any steps to return the sum to the customer after about 9 months has passed.

In other cases, customers who use the store’s luggage package have suffered cramps and gastrointestinal problems. By referring to this product, nothing happened to the internet shopping store over the course of nearly a year. .

Problems 5040
Problems 5040
This is while the terms of reference of the warranty on this site are as follows:
Requirements for returning the 5040:

Mismatch with customer tastes

Cancellation of purchase, before sending the goods and announcing to the support unit

Goods with technical or technical problems (returning goods within 7 business days)

Incorrect and unusual use outside of the instructions provided in the packaging of the goods

Goods contrary to the shape and physical form of the goods displayed on the site

Please contact 5040 Support Unit before shipping. Make sure the invoice is returned with the item. In the absence of an invoice, the goods will not be covered by the warranty.
But dissatisfied customers of this store have not reached the point with respect to the above, even after one year.
In the end, advertisements are one of the duties of the mass media, but the investigation of the goods and products is approved by the buyer in any field, and the shortcomings in this field are sometimes financial, physical, or even psychological losses Takes time.
Following this news, the company has published 5040 responses as follows:

In the report, overall, products and quality of goods have been questioned in online shopping sites. Meanwhile, the company 5040 on March 18, 1992, as the top entrepreneur, was ranked as one of the 100 top brands of Iran on June 17, 2014 as the epic maker of the economy and ranked as the Peace Festival on October 15, 2014.

In the report, without mentioning the name of the customer, it was written “Some customers’ promises” that the site 5040 does not comply with its obligations in returns. While denying this issue, after sending 503 to number 10005040, experts at 5040 contact customers to solve their problem because the customer may not have used the product in the correct way. The company’s 5040 experts resolve after the necessary explanation or problem that the customer is satisfied with or refuses to return, in this case, while the customer’s registration number is returned, the company 5040 uses either personal or gender Delivered.

If the customer is in person, at the same time, the full amount will be delivered, and if he acts by mail, after the delivery within 24 hours, the money will be deposited to the customer’s account.

Currently, the 5040 does not face any problems with the quality of products and the quality of the relevant organizations and customers. Providing products, sales and customer service at the 5040 Company is also a fairly normal process, and is not faced with any complaints from customers that are presented in the report.